"Welcome to A Business Law Firm, LLC - a renowned Firm Dedicated to Helping Businesses Avoid Common Legal Mistakes"

A Business Law Firm, LLC exists to provide support for businesses in North and South Carolina. With more than 15 years experience in the legal community

Our Clients

Our clients are small to medium sized businesses as well as individuals who are facing a legal crisis or are seeking advice on legal matters. Our goal is to work with our clients to keep them proactive and cautious in the legal world today. We work with our clients on a daily basis seeking to help them navigate through the legal matters they face.

Wills & Trusts and Estates

A Business Law Firm, LLC handles from the simplest Probate transaction to the most complicated Probate transaction.
Areas of Probate services include: Wills-Trusts-Estates, Asset-Protection, Probate Work / Advice

Corporate Law

A Business Law Firm, LLC acts as counsel to start up manufacturing services, hi-tech companies, biotech, health services, commercial and real estate businesses including corporations, general and limited partnerships, sole proprietorship and limited liability companies.